Building Future for Orphans 

Humble Beginnings

Cherish foundation started with one man's vision and two children in a small room. Later, children who have tragically lost parents, either by suicide or accident, or various diseases were joined. Now, we have grown to be a family of more than 60 Children. The days were harder initially, filled with hunger and anticipation for food.

Over a period of time, we have developed a large extended family of donors like you who now support us for our food, shelter, and clothing, etc., Your unhindered support made us be where we are now. 

A Goal for Every Child

Though we were considered and have been awarded to be one of the best orphanages in the city for a long time. We with our team learn ways to develop each child mentally, morally, socially & spiritually and making them realize that they are not orphans anymore, allowing them to stay at their own HOME like any other child. We aim to establish them in influential positions in various art forms, education, government, businesses, and making their life purposeful and beneficial to many 

Building Dreams

Building hope for the destitute and orphan children is no easy task. With the help of many people like you, we provided world-class facilities to the child who was once considered a burden in society. Thus, allowing them to dream BIG.

Building Future

Cherish has never taken a step back in providing the right of every child Education. We've taken every effort in brushing up each child by placing them in top schools in the city.

Building Home

Our stay now

The premises that we stay in now are generously given by Paul Devapriyam garu & family for the past 15 years without taking a rupee, extending much support in difficult times.

The need for own place

Now that Children has grown to be young there is an increasing necessity to have separate premises for boys and girls, which is making it very hard to bear the expenses towards renting a campus & maintaining two.

The 3-Step Plan 

Acquiring Land

Even to this hour, We can't believe that we initiated this project, a for fetch dream. With much encouragement from many well-wishers and donors, we are taking the bold step towards the child's future. This is impossible without your help and donation. The premises a 640 Sq, Yards and are located Just beside the current stay in Medipally, Hyderabad

Constructing Slabs

The plan that we have is a G+2 slab, with separate entrances for boys and girls, The ground floor is being made as a commercial space where we can conduct events for 100 pax, which will be an income generation. The first floor with kitchen and dining hall, the second floor is for girls and boys separately.

Fixtures & Amenities

After the construction of slabs, the third phase of the project begins. The construction of walls, doors, from wires to water supply. sewer lines to shower units also plumbing to painting is beyond comprehension without your kind heart and warm donation, eventually making this place our habitat. 

Floor-wise Plan

All the Donations are Tax Exempted 

Sec 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act

Cherish Foundation is a wonderful home for children run by David Subramanyam, a very humble man who has dedicated his life to helping those that come into his care.What these children need more than anything, in my opinion, is a home of their own. They are living in a run-down property that is being lent to them free of charge but they could be evicted at short notice. I can't even imagine how they could manage if that were to happen. The idea terrifies me when I think of the dangers that the children could be exposed to. I know Cherish extremely well and all I can say is that these children need to stay together as a family under David's care so that they can continue to thrive. A new home would ideally be twice as large so that another 35 children could benefit from this incredibly loving and caring environment. The children pray daily for a home of their own and my dream is to start a non-profit for this purpose. If anyone reading this would be willing to help, David can give you my contact information and I'll keep you informed. 

Victoria Anne Aubert 

Google  5.0 Star Reviews  

The founder David subramanyam had done everything in his power to make cherish foundation a better place where every child is cherished and is ready to find there place in the world . This foundation proved that family doesn't have to be by blood but by choice .Now, this foundation is need of help all we can do is contribute to build a home for children who need this home , children who needs guidance,children who need love .So I request everyone who is reading take a minute and think about the life YOU are going to save ,YOU are going to change let's take a step towards humanity by contributing for this wonderful, amazing foundation who gives a chance to children having a normal childhood                                                  Jemimah 

Google  5.0 Star Reviews