Activities: All the children have the opportunity to take part in activities, such as dancing, singing, etc., Music has become a part of Cherish family.  We have music classes thrice a week. Many of our children are learning different types of musical instruments. Some of the Cherish children are being awarded certifications from Trinity University of London.

Entertainment: Occasionally our children watch selected movies and every day they watch the news on TV. There is a playground where children play different types of games like Cricket, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Badminton, etc..  Occasionally we will plan outings for children.

I have known Cherish orphanage since many years,kids here are multitalented.I would like to thank David Anna for taking care of the children in an amazing way prayers & blessings 

Kondi Koppula 

 Google  5.0 Star Reviews 

It was amazing being with cherish through kantar. Very proud of the kids over there who are really talented and intelligent Godsgift 


 Google  5.0 Star Reviews