For 20 years we were conducting children camps and awareness programs in many of the areas of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and other areas in India. We came across many orphan children who were literally neglected.

These children are found in the very precarious and downtrodden state of life, having lost their parents at a very young age and no one to support them, some even have the traumatic experience of witnessing the death of their parents. Their relatives and friends disown them, unwilling to take up any responsibility. The days were harder initially, filled with hunger and anticipation for food.

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David Subramanyam Parataiah

Cherish foundation started with the vision of one man and with two children in a small room.

The horrible situations of children suffering from hunger, poverty, child abuse, child trafficking, child labor, and loneliness moved his heart with compassion.

He recognized his call and God’s will in his life. Burdened deep inside the heart for the unwanted and neglected downtrodden children, to share the love of God and to fill the innocent lives with joy and happiness.

Having 20yrs of experience in social development activities in areas of health, girl education, women empowerment, programs of vulnerable communities through Orphanage homes or shelter homes, counseling and Behaviors change communication sessions & pieces of training etc.

Iam a medical doctor (cataract and Lasik Surgeon),I was surprised to see the discipline.talent,out spokeness of the children in Cherish.Few children has the potential to become leaders!Hats oof to the caretaker.

G.Aruna Kumari

Google 5.0 Star Reviews

Mr. David is doing a great job taking care of the little kids and gives hope for their bright future

Vijetha .A

Google 5.0 Star Reviews