Nelson Mandela said 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” 

We believe it is true. Education, good education, would completely change our area. Education is a critical foundation in every child’s life. It is certainly something that we place great value in. One critical component of our mission is education. The success of our orphan children depends on it.

Education Budget

As education plays a key role in the overall development of a child we would like to promote the best education to cherish foundation children. Especially girl education. All the children are educated in a reputed English medium school & Colleges and have the opportunity to take part in activities, such as dancing, singing and sports, etc., a few children are weak in their studies, other all are studying well, getting good marks and ranks in their classes

According to their class and courses, they are studying in the following different educational institutes

Gowtham Model School

Sri Pratibha Junior college

Sri Veda Junior college

Jagruthi Degree College

Anurag Degee & PG College

St.Pious X Degree & PG College

St. John’s College of Education

Holy Mary Institute of Education

Pragathi College of Education and

Pro.G. Ramireddy Centre for Distance Education

We don’t have our own school so we joined them and paying fees in a school which gives 4 stage technically based educations to the children. 

As we don’t have our own school so we joined them and paying fees in a school which gives 4 stage technically based educations to the children. i.e

Stage-1: A micro-level planning for teaching a particular topic is done by identifying

•     The prerequisites (basics and fundamentals of the topic)

•     The concepts to be mastered

Stage-2: The teaching of the prerequisites, main concepts, and the linked sub-topics is done from the prescribed textbooks with more illustrations and examples.

Stage-3: The objective of mastering the concepts is achieved by making the students solve problems on each concept from worksheet and problems for practice which include the questions from previous competitive exams and various other international reference books.

Stage-4: At the end of the topic, students are made to solve the cumulative assignments which consist of problems based on multiple concepts. And also school gives Activity Based learning. Activity-based learning is nothing but education through entertainment.  As an initiative in this direction, the techno program is also equipped with various activities conducted every week in MPC to fine-tune the concepts.

Those activities are Quiz, Group discussion, Mind mapping, Quiz for applying thought, Data sufficiency, Quiz for mental ability, Quiz for logical ability, and Folding and Unfolding of concepts. These activities ensure the development of conceptual skills and personal competencies.

I have been going there from last 11 years, what motivates and inspires me the kids growth in education and faith. I’ve seen this orphanage giving utmost priority to kids studies and well being. People go there to donate, celebrate their special days and more. What they really need along with the donations is the guidance towards shaping a career out of the education they r pursuing versus reality or rather practical knowledge and the way of life. Their results are open n available for us to measure. The place is blessed with faith, dedication and lot of enthusiasm. I would request and strongly recommend this Orphanage for anyone to consider to share and spend their time. 

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CHERISH Foundation is a family where each and every kid is taken utmost care for all forms of his life!I have visited the foundation as volunteer multiple times!Kids are very good in education!Kids are highly ambitious!Elder kids are highly passionate to achieve their goals!David sir, father for CHERISH kids is highly determined and dedicated!He is man of values and deeply nurtures the same in kids!It is a very good caring environment, where elder kids help the younger ones in all possible ways!Professionally the foundation is very transparent, every single penny donated and spend has a clear record!I recommend a must visit to CHERISH Foundation, an awesome place to spend some quality time with some brilliant kids

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 Google  5.0 Star Reviews