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I had been associated with CHERISH Foundation for the time I was in Hyderabad. When I met children at CHERISH, I felt that Mr. David was trying his best to give a quality life to each and every child at CHERISH HOME. All the kids at CHERISH are provided with good education, nice sporting facilities. At the same time they are being groomed for Extra Curricular activities as well. I have spent several quality fun-filled moments with children and its feels great to work for such a wonderful cause. I would encourage others to help in anyway they can help CHERISH grow because I believe they are doing great with their job i.e. providing quality life to lovely and talented children over there and making them responsible to lead a successful life.


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In 2011 I had the privilege of spending time with the staff and children of the Cherish Foundation. The Cherish Foundation is a Christian Orphanage that is preparing young children to take their place in the new Indian Economy. They do this by providing a nurturing environment based on the Love of Christ and through a focus on education. These Children are loved, looked after and provided the adult attention that they require to mature into mature caring adults. I am in awe of how much David is able to do with the funds that he has. I urge anyone reading this review to consider providing some support to Cherish, these children are worthy of your contribution and will benefit enormously from your gift. 

Ralph May 

 Google  5.0 Star Reviews