Precarious state of children

These children are found in the very precarious and downtrodden state of life, having lost their parents at a very young age and no one to support them, some even have the traumatic experience of witnessing the death of their parents. Their relatives disown them, unwilling to take up any responsibility. Even the police and govt. organizations want to give away their burden. 

Impact of the Program

In our comprehensive program, the children grow in a healthy environment, with minimal health issues, high level of self-esteem, and are made ready to face the challenges of the world. They are strong in the willpower to stand on their own with a commitment to help with the issues of orphan children in the future. Most of the children are performing well in their academics, others pursuing their goals and a few of them were successfully placed in reputed MNC’s.

Rehabilitation program:

Keeping their background in view and the trauma experienced in their childhood, they are supported with counseling, parental care and love to help them return to normalcy. The support of seniors in the home played important role in the fast and amicable rehabilitation of new children into our homes. 

 These children are provided with basic amenities; shelter, food, clothing and health care with the best available resources, with no compromise in giving them the best education from kindergarten to Post Graduate level, they are sent to English medium schools and colleges in and around the vicinity of the homes. With the additional support of tuitions with volunteers, best care takers who supervise the program, board members involvement who not only look into the aspects of education but also inculcate moral values in them. 

With holistic development in view, they are provided with indoor and outdoor games, recreational facilities and entertainment, trainings etc. Our children strive to excel in these areas as well and have earned themselves many laurels in various competitions.

I came into contact with Cherish couple of years back when we started an orphan network in Hyderabad.Whenever I visit I enjoy seeing these kids and young adults enjoying in extracurricular activities such as music, dance, crafts, art, indoor and outdoor games, painting and designing and gardening. They are also good cooks, can cook for large numbers as five-star hotel chefs. The visitors are given warm welcome and treated as VIPs and give very good hospitality. When they sing and play music we will forget the surroundings and admire at them.Nearly all of these children are well recognized by their colleges/schools and even in society for their talents and for their voluntary services and social events, in government projects designed for downtrodden people of the society.They also started a Leo Club of Cherish (Lions Club)Above all the love that bonds between inmates and the foster parents is so great. I love them.

kodavatikanti Jonathan 

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The first time I've visited Cherish home was 10 years ago and since then I admire all the children who are aspiring and working hard to accomplish good careers. I myself and infact many others have seen the good results of their hard work in their conduct, studies, music, sports, cultural activities etc. Some of these kids stood first and achieved top ranks in their schools and colleges, many kids learned and can play musical instruments, almost everyone is good at sports and cultural activities.The founder and caretaker of Cherish home is very simple man with great vision and goals for the kids. His commitment in raising these children is inspiring to them and people outside.


                                                      John Hyde 

                                   Google  5.0 Star Reviews