I am Marri Sudha Rani of Cherish Foundation Orphanage, I completed my master’s in commerce and bachelors in education. I am a 24-year-old individual working as a teacher and a member of this beautiful family Cherish Foundation. I came to cherish 15 years ago when I was only 9 years old.

I was born in a remote area of Bhupalapally, Telangana, India. My father was a farmer and my mother a homemaker. We were a total of 4 siblings, and I am the last and only girl child. When I was 9 years old, my mother died due to Jaundice. Looking after 4 children was quite difficult for my father after my mother passed away. As I was the only girl child, it was more difficult to take care of me. Our financial situation didn’t help either. In that situation of turmoil, my father met a pastor who suggested that it would be better to join me in the cherish foundation as I would be given good food, clothing, shelter and the best education free of cost. And that’s how a new chapter of my life started.

When I 1st came to Cherish Foundation, it was a family of approximately 25 members. I still remember how scared I was, leaving everything and everyone was not quite easy. But it didn’t last long, the love and care I received from everyone were overwhelming. The care and affection I received from the elder children, the friendliness and oneness with the younger ones never made me think of this foundation as an orphanage. The man (David Subramanyam - Founder & Director) who brought us together and who became our father cared and loved us more than our own fathers ever could. As we were all kids, we didn’t know how to talk or behave, or even eat. Daddy taught us everything, from eating to writing, from speaking in English to singing in English. He always guided us. He always corrected our mistakes and made sure that we learn from them.

At Cherish, we were given everything from basic needs to our education. As education plays a vital role in every child’s life, we were given a very good education from different schools, colleges and universities based on our interests. I finished my Diploma in teacher training, Masters in commerce and then Bachelor of education. (, B.Ed). If I can write, read, dance, sing and achieve my dreams today it is all because of God’s grace and daddy’s vision. It was support and encouragement that gave us the confidence we have today. 5 of my elder sisters of Cherish family are married into good families and leading their lives happily. Daddy always gave us the best, even when it came to our marriages he never compromised. Wherever my life takes me further, cherish will always have a special place in my heart. I am very proud to be a part of this amazing family.