Ours is a team of dynamic individuals with similar abilities, aptitude, competencies, and aspirations working towards a common goal. 

Combined with their own strengths of field-level experience in Children development, women empowerment programs, child education, health care, etc. We have been able to carry out and implement the programs as per the planned strategies to bring about desired results.  

  We think big and work hard We strive for excellence in everyday interactions

We constantly push to be better

David & Grace

John Raimond

Ravi Paul & Vijaya

Daniel & Suma

Papa Rao & Keshi

Ramchander & Jyothi

Pradeep Reddy & Pratima

Praveen & Nandini

Janardhan & Rajasree

Ajeet & Savitri

Kumar Reddy & Laxmi

Vijay Bhaskar & Kavita

Daiva Vara Prasad and Sunitha

Raju & Beulah

Daniel Cephas & Monica

You will have the best experience with the kids.. they are very talented and hard working too. The owner really takes care of all the children and they are well fed. Me and my pheoncy went on his birthday and the kids were so lovely.. u will get a very warm welcome and wpuld wamt to definitely help them more to achieve their dreams. Kudos to the Cherish team! 

 Google  5.0 Star Reviews 

This charity/orphanage is run on a shoestring by a humble and truly dedicated man with vision. There are 35 children of various ages in the orphanage and their aim is to give each child a good start and a real chance in life. The children's stories are all different but very sad.

It was a pleasure on my last visit to India to see the children in their own surroundings, and to see how the orphanage functions. The children are extremely polite, well behaved, and courteous. The aim is that each child when it leaves the orphanage will have a profession to follow in life


  Google  5.0 Star Reviews