My Name is Jhansi. I was born in a poor family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a daily wage worker. This was the time when our parents worked so hard to meet the daily needs of our family. Despite our family being financially unstable they strived to give us basic education. We were happy and satisfied with the things we had. But one fine day we got to know that my father was caught with Throat cancer. Since we couldn't afford the best treatment and medical expenses, I lost my father when I was 4 years old. After this tragic situation, it became very difficult for my mother to meet the basic needs of our family & to afford my education.

That was the time when I came to Cherish Foundation". This home gives shelter to the children who lost their parents /are destitute/abandoned. This Non-profit organization was started in the year 2004 with a great vision of one man, Mr David Subramanyam. Who took care of the children like us and treated us as his own children. He never withheld back in providing us with the best education and the facilities. The love and care that I received here made me realize that I am into a new family. Then I started calling the founder and director of this home as Daddy. I thank God for giving me such a beautiful family and caring Daddy.

Sometimes when I recall my past days, I would stop at the question of how my life would be, if I were not in cherish? This question makes me realize the best things that I received from Cherish. And how my life got transformed in cherish. I was a very innocent and introverted person when I came to cherish. I didn't even know how to do things on my own. I learned the importance of education in my life. I received the best education in the top schools and colleges of our city. And I always tried my best to do well in my studies. I started my life at cherish in LKG & I completed my schooling with 8.8 CGPA. Then I stood top in my +2 college with 98% and secured 21st rank in my Msc Physics entrance exam, because of which I got placed in Osmania university to pursue my master’s. And I feel proud to have many well-wishers, who encourage and motivate me towards higher education and higher goals. Because of this, I want to be part of the Indian Administrative Service. I have attended many civil services seminars to understand its vastness and the depth of the syllabus. In which I got to interact with the retired IAS & IPS Officers. Apart from attending these seminars, we also had the visit of the people who are into civil services like IFS officers. Due to this, we got an opportunity to understand the preparation strategy. Besides interacting with these people I have opted for this goal through the motivation & guidance of my dad. Then I started my preparation seriously. Next year in 2023, I am going to give my first attempt. Our daddy desires to see at least one civil servant from our home. And I want to bring that desire into reality.

Apart from studies and extracurricular activities, I also learnt to socialize and communicate with the people around me and get rid of stage fear. To tackle the fears & to build confidence, we were encouraged to take up the programmes on the stage & to participate in many interactive sessions. This gave me the courage to face the world and taught me to stand on my feet. Along with this, I was also taught ethics and moral values. And how to cope with the people around me. In the future, I want to make this family and Daddy proud by being an IAS office.