“if you can’t feed a hundred people feed just one.” ...Mother Theresa

40 Rupees Can Feed A Meal to One Child at Orphanage

Come...Let's join hands to feed Hungry Stomachs at Cherish Home

Cherish Foundation Orphanage needs

150 Meals Each Day

Our goal is to rise

4500 meals every month

You will have the best experience with the kids.. they are very talented and hard working too. The owner really takes care of all the children and they are well fed. Me and my pheoncy went on his birthday and the kids were so lovely.. u will get a very warm welcome and wpuld wamt to definitely help them more to achieve their dreams. Kudos to the Cherish team!

Google 5.0 Star Reviews

Cherish foundation is a good place. Children are taken care very well and provide healthy food to the children. They are taken care very well. Bless you all.

Google 5.0 Star Reviews