I am Andrew Jackson Moluguram s/o Abshalom and Swapna Moluguram raised in Hyderabad and a resident of Narapally, Hyderabad, India. After completing my bachelor’s degree in business computers, I worked for Genpact and Sutherland for about 4 years after which I moved to the United States in 2020 to pursue bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry.

It is an absolute privilege to be born in a Christian family where I learned about the Lord at an early age which not only helped me grow my Faith in Christ, but also nurtured me in all areas of my life so that I can be in a place where I am at today.

Being the youngest one in the family, I grew up with abundance of love and support only to give back the same to others. Yet, life has not been the same all my life as my parents struggled financially and mentally over the years and tried hard enough to put roof over our heads and food on our table so that we could continue to live a happy life. Being a private employee, dad had struggled financially over the years to raise a family of five, yet the faith in the Lord pushed him and the family forward so that we continue to live a blessed life while maintaining peace and harmony within the family.

However, things have radically changed when I turned 20 as I saw my family started caring for those in need through Shaun Care foundation. I then understood that life isn’t about living for oneself, but for others, and therefore developed a deep passion to serve those in need while ministering them in every possible way. Watching up close how my family looked after those who are struggling, all that I wanted to do was to replicate the same with a great responsibility.

As I was discerning the need in the community, I felt the need of quitting my job which I was complacent with and heard the Lord’s call which helped me to go to the United States to pursue bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry so that I am better equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to care for the young children.

I am now more than thrilled for the new chapter of my life and see what the Lord has in store for us and will do what’s expected of our lives.