Native of   :
Ramnagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Swaranya & Vaishnavi are siblings. Mother & Father together committed suicide on the same day.  Both of them hung themselves to the fan, as they had some family problems.  Grandmother was taking care of these two.  She is a poor lady and the children had to starve as there was no earning person in the family.  At that shock of their parents death elder one Vaishnavi  was affected with severe stammering. The death of these parents was a sensational news for two days in the local news papers.

Grand mother who is in a helpless situation sought different orphanages but they could not with stand there.  Finally they were brought to
Cherish.Swarnya and Vyshnavi are slow learners.  Remedial classes have been arranged for such slow learners at cherish home.

Swaranya wants to become a doctor and help the sick people. Vyshnavi wants to become a teacher to teach the very poor children.

Native of   :  Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mother Padma consumed poison and died as her husband was suspicious and started harassing her.  After Padma’s death father Chandraiah got married with other women. 

That women also committed suicide due to his harassment.  He is not interested in
Krupa & Kumar.  With the help of one local paster these siblings came to Cherish Home.  These two are the first one’s who joined  in Cherish Home.  While these children are staying at Cherish Home One day we were watching the T.V. ther is a sensational news we saw in the televison that Chandraiah (father of these children) stabbed the 3 rd wife and he consumed pesticide and died. 
This couple’s death news was covered  in all the news papers. We took these children  to their place, after the funeral children came back to cherish.  Both are talented with good voice and they are good in their studies also.

Kumar wants to become a Pastor.  Krupa want to become an Police Officer.

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