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Own Place

From the first day that we started the Cherish Foundation in the year of 2004 it has been our dream to buy our own land and build an orphanage. So far we have been fortunate in being able to stay in a rented premises many years.  At the moment we are blessed by having a landlords named Paul Devapriyam & Usha Devapriyam who were sympathetic to cherish children and therefore the house rent has been kept as zero from last 15 years, but if for any reason the ownership of the property should change hands then we will be in a difficult situation.

 However, For the  future well being of all our children we should buy a land and build our own orphanage for Cherish foundation.  The price of land in Hyderabad varies according to the distance from the city, water supply, the distance from the nearest surfaced road, and the distance from the town center. After searching for a year, at last we are able to find  One Acre of land which is near from the present place. In the Pro posed Land where we are planning to have drip irrigation garden along with several buildings to provide ministry for about Hundred Orphans.  We understand that to take on this project would mean a Capital Campaign where between 5 Crores of Rupees would have to be raised. There is a whole lot of work to be done just to be sure that this is the one that we should be working towards. The greatest hurdle for doing a project like this is finding the right people who know what they are doing to make it happen in the right way.


 ORPHANAGE: Our goal is to construct an orphanage building which will encourage each orphan child’s growth, all our kids should give plenty of freedom and room to express themselves as individuals. Whether as an athlete, artist, scholar, musician, teacher or farmer, all of our children are encouraged to find their own path. To promote this, we want to build Orphanage with separate blocks for the Boys & Girls with will be useful for different group of children like

 Nursery  (Kids Aged 0-10) -- Small Boys Hostel (Boys Aged 10-15) --  Small Girls Hostel (Girls Aged 10-15)

 Big Boys Hostel (Boys Aged 15+) --  Big Girls Hostel (Girls Aged 15+)

EDUCATION: Education is a critical foundation in every child’s life. It is certainly something that we place great value in. One critical component of our mission is education. The success of our orphan children depends on it.  It is always been an ambitious dream of ours to build a comprehensive school campus for our orphanage to provide 
education from nursery up to college level. And also we have a goal to provide the highest-quality education at an affordable price, not just for our children but for the children of our local community who is not affordable.

 Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and we believe it is true. Education, good education, would completely change our area. And while we could not educate every child in Hyderabad and its surrounding villages, we can certainly set the standard and be an inspiration to other schools in the region.

 For a excellent private high school education, it costs between Rs. 35,000/-  to 2 Lakhs per student per year, with quality and school reputation being the biggest factors in determining cost. Considering the fact that many families operate on combined incomes of less than Rs. 10,000/- per month, an education of this type is often well beyond their means. We feel that all children, including our own, deserve a chance at something better.

 Our plan is to develop the campus one structure at a time as funding and finances allow by constructing of our Kindergarten, Primary, and High School & Inter-College. Following this somewhere along the journey we also plan to construct a Library, Computer Lab & Resource Center.

 FARMING: Agricultural projects play a big part in why we are able to do so much on such a small budget.

Not only do we grow much of our own food but we also are able to sell excess production to generate much needed funds that can be used for cherish children’s various needs. We want to grow different kind of fresh vegetable, fruits like mango, papaya, Orange, guava, pear, plumb, banana, custard apple, pulses on this land.

 DAIRY: We want to have cattle in our dairy which will be raised to produce milk for our children; those who don’t drink milk get it in their morning porridge and chai (tea) throughout the day.

 FISH TANKS:   We want to develop two large tanks on the site that we use to
grow fish. These fish are used to provide our children and staff with a semi-regular supply of meat.

 GOAT & POULTRY FARM: Cherish foundation wanted to develop Goat and Poultry farm which will provides eggs, chicken and mutton for the needs of orphanage and to raise some sustainable income for the maintenance of organization.   

CHILDHOOD FUN: Play is a big part of what we do and we want to have a large open areas, football court, and Wally ball court etc., where our children can always be found playing during their free periods. Beyond this we want to keep pets, especially rabbits, chickens and the occasional puppies. We want that our children enjoy maintaining their own vegetable gardens, fishing, as well as swimming in our pool during the hot summer months.

 We need a place which the children can call their own. We also need a bigger place which can house more orphaned and street children. To build our own house for the orphanage, Cherish Foundation needs considerably large amount of funds. In the first phase funds are needed to purchase the land and to construct the fencing wall.

 We hereby request all our supporters and anyone reading this who would like to create a change in the lives of these orphan children today, make any donation to our account to enable us complete the intended orphanage home so that the children can live in a comfortable and pleasing environment. Any of your contributions will be highly appreciated.