10 Simple Ways to Enhance your Child’s Performance in the new Academic Session

posted Mar 13, 2014, 10:05 AM by cherish foundation   [ updated Mar 13, 2014, 10:05 AM ]

For making the new academic session a year of growth and learning for your child it is time to bring some positive changes in your child’s schedule and yours. While some children need to put in extra hours for better performance, others need to have a greater balance in their activities. Here are some practical suggestions for the unbounded growth of your child:

  1. Meet the child’s new teacher 
    In the beginning of the new session, it is very important to know who is going to be responsible for your child through the academic year. Meeting the teacher would help you understand the person’s method and you can co-operate better for the benefit of your child. Through out the year, maintain contact with the teacher, even a handwritten note would be a good idea.

  2. Help your child to set a personal goal for the academic year
    Enable your child to carve out a growth path of his own. A path that will help him learn new things, explore new ideas and make progress at a personal level. Help him to formulate simple steps to realize this goal. In the course of the year review the achievement and progress regularly. Children who feel responsible for their learning have a higher level of confidence and self-esteem and thus they achieve more.

  3. Complete homework before playtime
    When the children go out to play, they need not be reminded of the homework which is waiting to get done. This way they can enjoy more freely. Also, since homework is essential it need not look like an unpleasant chore which ends their play. Hence, let children complete it and pack up for the next day as a priority.

  4. Understand your child by asking specific questions
    Going to school is a routine activity; hence it may not be very easy for the child to give very specific updates to you everyday. Ask specific questions like “What did you learn in your science class today?” and you will be pleasantly surprised to hear their learning experience and observations.

  5. Rearrange the study space
    The study area should be well lit and ventilated, and free from distractions of other activities in the house. If your child prefers to work while listening to music, you need not oppose it as music has a positive impact. However make sure there is no interference of television in the children’s study area. Rearranging the furniture is a refreshing change for the children.

  6. Prepare nutritious food
    There is no substitute for a well-balanced nutritious meal. Eating healthy helps children grow, behave, think and perform and sleep better. Good eating habits include eating meals at their proper time as well. See to it that your child never leaves home without breakfast, as it is the most important meal of the day. Let nutrition be the central idea of food and help your child to try and appreciate new and healthy foods.

  7. Respect the bedtime
    Adequate sleep can be ensured by establishing a clear rule for bedtime. Teach your child to respect it. Also, don’t let your own activities and noise level interfere with child’s sleep time. When a child stays up till late, it not only upsets the next day, but in the long run proves to be harmful to health.

  8. Keep time for physical activity
    Apart from the academics, a child must be engaged in physical activities, whether it is swimming, skating or playing tennis. For younger kids, supervised play is recommended. Children deal with a lot of stress in their daily routine and exercise gives them the scope to unwind and enjoy.

  9. Give the child a specific household responsibility
    Entrusting the child with a responsibility makes them feel useful and important. It also shapes them to become more dependable and aware of their surroundings. Simple household activities like filling water, arranging the newspaper, clearing the study table, filing the bills can make them more disciplined in the long run.

  10. Do at least one activity exclusively with your child
    Everyday your child becomes a little more independent and needs you a little less. Find an activity in the new academic year which you will help you bond in a whole new way.  Choose from your child’s interests, like discussing a particular newspaper column, reading a bedtime story, taking a short walk, exclusively. It will be the most precious moments of your day.