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As education plays key role in the overall development of a child we would like to promote the best education to our children.  We don’t have our own school so we joined them and paying fees in a school which gives 4 stage technical based educations to the children. i.e

Stage-1 : A micro level planning for teaching a particular topic is done by identifying 
 The prerequisites (basics and fundamentals of the topic)
 The concepts to be mastered

Stage-2 : The teaching of the prerequisites, main concepts and the linked sub-topics is done from the prescribed text books with more illustrations and examples.

Stage-3 : The objective of mastering the concepts is achieved by making the students to solve problems on each concept from worksheet and problems for practice which include the questions from previous competitive exams and various other international reference books.
Stage-4 :
 At the end of the topic, students are made to solve the cumulative assignments which consists of problems based on multiple concepts. And also school gives Activity Based learning. Activity based learning is nothing but education through entertainment.  As an initiative in this direction, techno program is also equipped with various activities conducted every week in MPC to fine tune the concepts.

Those activities are: Quiz, Group discussion, Mind mapping, Quiz for applying thought, Data sufficiency, Quiz for mental ability, Quiz for logical ability and Folding and Unfolding of concepts. These activities ensure development of conceptual skills and personal competencies.


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